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Mooloolaba Game Fishing Club is one of 21 game fishing clubs in Queensland associated with Queensland Game Fishing Association and subsequently, Game Fishing Association Australia. These organisations actively contribute to leading the sport of game fishing at a global level.

Joining the Mooloolaba Game Fishing Club connects you with a vibrant community of passionate anglers eager to exchange knowledge. Your membership fees support club operations and aid affiliate associations in overseeing and regulating the sport, fostering an enjoyable and equitable environment for everyone involved.

Read on to see what operations your fees contribute to at each club level.

Mooloolaba Game Fishing Association

At a community level, the Mooloolaba Game Fishing Club exists to promote camaraderie, conservation and community to its members by hosting tournaments and events. We host 2 tournaments each year as well as a number of social occasions and educational events to provide value to our members.

Queensland Game Fishing Association

The Queensland Game Fishing Association (QGFA) serves as the governing body representing Queensland-based fishing clubs, overseeing their fishing activities. Their responsibilities include:

  1. Managing administrative tasks related to maintaining state records for male, female, and junior anglers across land, fly, and offshore fishing categories, as well as recording fish captures and compiling tag reports.
  2. Assisting local clubs with organizational structures, providing instructional sessions on tackle and fishing techniques, and hosting social events.
  3. Coordinating intra and inter-club competitions and tournaments within the state.
  4. Advocating for recreational fishermen’s interests, ensuring access to fishing resources and equitable sharing.
  5. Publishing newsletters to keep members informed.
  6. Facilitating recognition for members participating in interstate tournaments.
  7. Conducting research and educational initiatives related to fishing.

The Game Fishing Association of Australia

The Game Fishing Association of Australia (GFAA) serves as the national governing body, overseeing both state activities and:

  1. Managing Australian record catches.
  2. Representing Australia internationally within the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) and participating in seminars and meetings.
  3. Publishing an annual GFAA Journal for each member.
  4. Supporting research initiatives through a dedicated foundation.
  5. Promoting ethical and conservation-minded fishing practices.
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